Have you ever wondered about the history of PayPal? I never had until the other day when I was completing a transaction through the website. Today, they are such a major company and such a huge part of doing business online. It is interesting to think about how they got their start.

Fortunately, there are a lot of resources online that you can use to research the history of this unique financial company. Reading through some of the sources can give you a great idea of how they progressed from their early days as a software development company to the financial giant that they are today.

It is always interesting to look at how some of today’s leading companies got up and running. In most cases, there are tons of interesting facts scattered throughout their history that make for great reading. This is particularly true if you are thinking of starting a business of your own. Seeing how modest some of these companies were when they first began can give you great hope for the future for your own company. Perhaps your business will be the next major success story that other people spend their time reading about.